postcards exchange

This year I wanna do a postcards swap again. If you want to receive a holidays postcard from me drop your address in the comment (screened) or in a personal message and I would reply with my address and expect a postcard from you in return :)

Fallingwater dream

This night I had a dream about visiting Fallingwater, out of season this time, when nobody was around. It was just me and a couple of friends whom I could not quite recognize. I was showing off the corner windows, and explaining the narrow passages. Then (after 11 hours dream time) the caretaker showed up. Turned out he had a bed at the first floor room (which I can't recall in an actual building), but was unwilling to stay all alone over there, so had to do a long commute when our arrival raised the alarm. Then I proposed that I would be the in-house caretaker, and I got into that bed. This is where I woke up.

Solar eclipse 2017 timeline

Mar 2013: Created an event on Google+
Dec 2016: Scouting expedition to Bend, OR to check out roads around Madras.
Jan 2017: Reserved AirBnB in Bend, OR (just an hour drive to Madras!)
Feb 2017: AirBnB gets cancelled. Reconsidered to get a room in Portland with a early morning drive to Madras (or Salem, OR if weather permits).
8/18/2017: Getting ready, weather planning, finishing touches on eclipse glasses, etc.
8/19/2017: Decided on Corvallis, OR. Considerations: off major highways, which can get blocked by out of state visitors, ~1m30s totality (first for everyone in our party), good road system from both Portland and to Eugene, OR (our destination), seemingly wide range of services (Starbucks/cafes which are set to be open at 7am), lots of parking both next to abandoned businesses and residential. Harder to get to from Portland, but easier to split after event.
8/20/2017 09:30: Scared by predicted traffic left for Portland earlier.
8/20/2017 12:43: With little traffic en route parked in Pearl district, and went to Andina for lunch (oh, ceviche!)
8/20/2017 21:30: Went to sleep, tomorrow wake up call is 4am!
8/21/2017 04:00: Woke up!
8/21/2017 04:45: Left the hotel, 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Traffic is unusually high (but what do I know of traffic at 5am?)
8/21/2017 05:10: Noticed that there is some traffic slowdown on I-5 on a way to Salem, and proactively decided to take a side road (SR-99W). Tons of people did too, but everyone's moving.
8/21/2017 06:17: Passing Monmouth, longest eclipse point on SR-99W. Few people camp in the open field.
8/21/2017 06:50: Arrived to our destination, scouted for parking (wide open!), decided to get back to town to get some hot food. Amazingly most of breakfast places are closed.
8/21/2017 07:05: Found New Morning Bakery which had a line of probably 20 minutes long and then 40 minutes wait for so-so breakfast (but well worth it as the only breakfast in town). Starbucks was overflown as well.
8/21/2017 09:02: Set up at the edge of gas station. Good unobstructed view, and no other spectators (yet!)
8/21/2017 09:05: Partial eclipse starts.
8/21/2017 10:09: Gas station lights are fooled by darkness and turn on.
8/21/2017 10:16:56: Totality starts!
8/21/2017 10:18:33: Totality ends! We start packing.
8/21/2017 10:23: We drive off. Traffic is there, but light. No data on cell phone, so we can't see a slowdown ahead and take main road. There is one lane bridge which slows us down and also joining traffic from events.
8/21/2017 11:49: Instead of 54 minutes the drive to Eugene takes us 1h26m, which isn't bad given the circumstances.
8/21/2017 12:17: We are at Ninkasi brewery, drinking beer and sharing experiences. Then we enjoy other things Eugene has to offer, and check traffic cameras to see a giant parking lot on I-5, both directions from Salem.
8/22/2017 10:30: Good breakfast in Eugene, we go to Raptor center as well. Quite a few red lines on traffic maps still.
8/22/2017 13:45: We drive back to Seattle, stopping in Portland for dinner. There are two major slow downs on I-5 in northern Portland and between Olympia and Tacoma (at 21:30, mind you).
8/22/2017 22:09: Back home.

Overall trip time: 60h39m
Active travel time: 13h43m
Totality time over active travel time: 0.2%